Undivided – Session 1

Next Wednesday, I’ll be on a panel discussing issues of race and reconciliation here in Lawton. KSWO will be there and the discussion will be broadcast live on at least two radio stations. I know everyone working together to make this possible would really appreciate your prayers.

This Week Calvary is beginning a 5 week video series dealing with racial reconciliation in our church. This is an important issue for every church. As members of God’s Kingdom, we should be the ones leading the way to racial reconciliation.

The North American Mission board has produced a great resource to this end called, “Undivided: Your Church & Racial Reconciliation.” I hope you’ll take the time over the next few weeks to listen and learn and become empowered to be a true ambassador for God’s Kingdom. Over the next couple days, I hope you’ll take the time to do the following…

  1. Listen to the audio – “Why this matters…”
  2. Download and read through the Guide for Session 1
  3. Watch “Undivided Session 1: Introduction” and take some notes…
  4. Watch “Moving Beyond the Racial Gridlock” and take some notes…

We’ll be working on a way to engage with each other over this material soon.

Why this matters…
NAMB Resource: Undivided – Your Church & Racial Reconciliation (J.D. Greear & Dhati Lewis)

Moving Beyond the Racial Gridlock in a Divided Nation (George Yancey)


This weeks teaching was a bit long and technical, so I’ve split it into three episodes to make it easier to absorb and listen to at your convenience.

I’m using Dr. Michael Heiser’s book, The Unseen Realm: Recovering the Supernatural World View of the Bible as a guide to discuss a much neglected area of study.

You can find his website and more resources at drmsh.com.

Bibleproject.com is also a great resource in this line of study.  And I’ll post one of their videos below.

You can find my teaching today on the podcast page, or click the links below for each episode.  It’s entitled Elohim and is covered in three episodes.

Elohim (Part 1)

Elohim (Part 2)

Elohim (Part 3)